MataiNet Inc - Innovating for Humanity



MataiNet's team of experts can conceptualize, design and implement world-class solutions based on state of the art technologies. Since 1997 our principal consultants have focused in health and human services, healthcare information technology, and wellness solutions. Our fields of specialization include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Process improvement
  • Online marketing
  • Website design
  • Usability and accessibility design and evaluation
  • Software development

We enjoy working on a variety of projects, and have been fortunate to participate in successful "firsts" demonstrating the power of innovating for humanity. We pride ourselves in listening carefully and being skilled at translating user needs into practical applications of technology. We keep designs as simple as possible, but we also draw upon the state of the art to address complex problems.

In Fijian culture, Matai is a designation given for "skillful persons, (for example carpenters, craftsmen, or canoe builders)". We embrace this spirit and look for like minded individuals that possess one or more specializations that can be essential to offering the best service possible in developing technology-based solutions. 

 Beautiful water surrounding an island in Fiji

Contact us if your organization seeks world-class support, or if you have skills to offer our team.


Shawn ODonnell shares thoughts on Bytemarks Cafe

- Friday, September 21, 2012

MataiNet founder, Shawn ODonnell, participated in Hawaii Public Radio's popular talk show Bytemarks Cafe recently with associates from University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies to share thoughts on the importance of building websites and apps that can be used by people with disabilities.


MataiNet ADRC receives national award

- Sunday, August 12, 2012

The National Association of Development Organizations has bestowed its 2012 National Innovation Award on the SC ADRC created by MataiNet for aging and disability resources.


MataiNet TaskAssure featured!

- Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TaskAssure was featured as an innovative healthcare technology on the July 11, 2012 episode of Health 2.0 TV's Health 2.0 Show .  Play our TaskAssure demonstration to see what we presented.